3kVA Transformer (290005)

For use with 110V equipment enabling works to be carried out through 240V mains supply electricity.

5kVA Transformer (290010)

Essential for providing a safe and consistent 110V current from a 240V mains plug.

3kVA Heater Transformer (290014)

For use with 110V continuous loads such as heating and lighting.

10kVA Single Phase Site Transformer (290020)

Designed for site use, our range of heavy duty transformers provide a continuous rated supply.

10kVA 3 Phase Site Transformer (290025)

The logical choice for the busy, professional site when there is a high continuous demand.

3kVA Step Up Transformer (290035)

Converts 110V to 240V for site applications.

110V Splitter Box (290070)

Splitter Boxes give you the ability to turn a single 16 Amp socket into four 16 Amp sockets.