Lighting Solutions

110V Tungsten Halogen Magnetic Floodlight (300005)

Fitted with heavy duty magnets to attach the light to any metal surface providing excellent illumination.

110V Minipod Floor Light (300010)

With a robust tubular one piece steel frame this is ideal as a portable site light.

Supalite Rechargeable Lantern (300024)

Producing 360° of brilliant white light, this lantern is an ideal work light for tunnels and open spaces.

7.4V Rechargeable LED Work Light (300033)

For use in industrial applications providing 3500 Lumens of output with a wide floodlight beam in excess of 30m.

110V Tungsten Halogen Single Head Floodlight - Fixed Leg Tripod (300050)

Ideal for construction, workshop and DIY task lighting, this is a portable work light with an adjustable tripod.

110V LED Single Head Floodlight - Swing Leg Tripod (300052)

A low energy LED flood light that will spread an even amount of light across an area.

110V LED Twin Head Floodlight - Swing Leg Tripod (300053)

A double headed 30 Watt LED flood light bolted to a heavy duty steel tripod frame.

110V Tungsten Halogen Twin Head Floodlight - Fixed Leg Tripod (300055)

Two high intensity halogen flood lights with a fixed leg tripod that adjusts from 1.5m - 2.5m.

110V Plasterers Fluorescent Floor Light (300080)

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, light and portable, ideal for plasterers.

110V Plasterers LED Up-Light (300083)

Ideal for plastering, event lighting & general construction lighting applications.

110V Plasterers Fluorescent Up-Light (300084)

Comes complete with a 110V 4-way power splitter that redistributes power around the site.

110V Plasterers LED Light Retractable Leg (300085)

Retractable leg plasterers light with an LED in-tray array.

110V Fluorescent Up-Light (300086)

Stable on uneven ground and even self-righting up to 45°

110V Plasterers Fluorescent Fail-Safe Light (300087)

Has a built in power pack which automatically switches to stand-by power in the event of a power cut.

110V Festoon Lights (FLA01)

With 22 metres of cable and 10 lamp holders, this festoon light is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Road Flashing Skip Light (RLA01)

Battery operated intermittent flashing warning light.