Air Cons - Evap Coolers - Fans

Industrial Cooling Fan (170020)

Built to withstand the rigours of tough enviroments for cooling large areas, delivering a large stream of cool air.

Medium Duty Evaporative Cooler (170060)

One of the most popular air coolers in the world, cooling up to 30m².

Indoor & Semi-Outdoor Evaporative Air Cooler (170065)

A powerful air cooler that is ideal for more demanding applications, cooling up to 57m².

240V Medium Air Conditioning Unit (170080)

A versatile unit that can be fitted on both cold air and exhaust air outlets at the same time.

240V Large Air Conditioning Unit (170085)

One of the most powerful hose type units in the market, delivering 25,000Btu/hr whilst still working off a 13A supply. ...