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Concreting Solutions from Hire Station

Whether you need to mix, scabb, screed, vibrate, finish or test concrete Hire Station has the equipment you need!

Our wide variety of concreting equipment includes tools such as:

  • Cement Mixers - We have a range of 10V, 240V, Petrol and Diesel powered machines as well as 110V power and paddle mixers
  • Concrete Scabblers - This includes our range of electric and air needle guns, ideal for removing rust or paint from steel and can even be used on textured concrete. We also have a range of air powered scabblers with either one of three heads, making them ideal for many civil engineering projects
  • Concrete screeding - when you need to effectively compact and level concrete our manual and petrol beam screed are ideal for slabs up to 6.2 metres (20 feet)
  • Concrete Testing - Here at Hire station we have two different sizes of cuboidal concrete testing moulds as well as concrete curing tanks, ideal for making sure cubed concrete samples are correctly hydrated
  • Vibrating Pokers - our range of vibrating poker flex's, varying in size from 25mm to 68mm are ideal for removing bubbles from cement/concrete. We can also provide petrol poker drive systems, 110V hand held pokers as well as high frequency vibrating pokers
  • Power Floats - providing a powerful rotary action designed to add a professional finish to your concrete. We can also provide easy floats, glider trowels and even two sizes of power float discs.