Pressure Washers

Electric Cold Water Pressure Washer (040190)

Available in 110V & 240V, ideal for removing traffic film, grease, moss, grime & even oil quickly from most surfaces.

Petrol Cold Water Pressure Washer (040200)

Providing a standalone cleaning solution, our range of powerful petrol engines pressures washes are ideally suited to th...

Diesel Cold Water Pressure Washer (040215)

Our range of diesel pressure washers offer a practical solution to onsite or isolated cleaning issues.

Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer (040230)

Ideal for industrial scale cleaning applications.

Petrol Cold Water Patio Cleaner (040260)

A combination of the Hurricane P2 & Rotowash Professional into one compact & efficient machine.

150l Mini Bowser & Petrol Pressure Washer Combination Unit (260206)

A portable petrol powered mini-bowser / pressure washer giving a standalone cleaning solution for remote areas.