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Cleaning Solutions available from Hire Station

Here at Hire Station we have a broad range of cleaning equipment that can tackle even the hardest of jobs making them look easy! Our machines are capable of handling both indoor and outdoor scenarios, allowing you to have the right tool for the job at the right time.

Our indoor cleaning equipment includes tools such as:

  • Floor scrubbers - ideal for providing that 'professional' finish to your floors via a combination of cleaning, washing, scrubbing, polishing and waxing
  • Carpet Cleaners - at Hire Station we stock but upright and pull along carpet cleaners that provide a professional finish as well as a range of environmentally friendly, UK produced and 100% chemical free cleaning fluids all available at great prices
  • Vacuum Cleaners - we have a range of equipment including M Class dust extraction units, leaf blowers, as well as 1, 2 and 3 motor vacuum cleaners such as the famous 'Henry' hoover!
  • With our outdoor equipment we have 2 separate categories: 'Manual' and 'Mechanical'.

    Our manual equipment includes:

  • Duct rodding systems - an effective and labour saving system for the installation of cabling, CCTV systems and much more
  • Various drain bags - designed for sealing awkward drains
  • Drain rod sets - ideal for unblocking drains and other pipework
  • Various sized water bowsers

    Our Mechanical equipment includes tools such as:

  • Central heating flushing systems - designed for descaling the entire central heating system within a building
  • Petrol pressure washers
  • Electric pressure washers
  • Diesel pressure washers
  • Petrol patio cleaners
  • All of our equipment is reliable, robust and always fully tested before you hire it. Our modern fleet of vans can deliver your order direct to your door at a time that suits you or you can collect your equipment at our branch from any of our friendly and experienced branch staff.

    Variety Of Cleaning Equipment For Hire