Personal Safety

Personal Safety is an important aspect when working, regardless of whether it is a professional onsite environment or within your own home as part of a weekend DIY project.

Within the tool hire, construction and building industries personal protection is covered by a term called ‘Personal Protection Equipment’ more commonly known as ‘PPE’ within the industry. With Brandon Hire Station we have split ‘PPE’ into 5 distinct categories dealing with the most crucial areas of your body. Our aim is to provide the maximum amount of protection available to these key locations. Our 5 'distinct' areas include:

  • Eye protection – covering the entirety of the eye socket, down onto the cheekbone and above they eye to include the eyebrow
  • Foot protection – covering the whole foot including the delicate areas around the ankle
  • Head protection – creating a dome that fits on your head covering the top of your head down to your lower forehead and round to sit in between the parietal and occipital parts of your skull
  • Ear protection – blocking excess and dangerous amounts of noise penetrating the ear and damaging the ear drum whilst covering either just the inner ear or the surrounding tissue of the entire outer ear
  • Breathing protection – our masks cover both your nasal and oral airways preventing harmful particles of dust, bacteria and even some carcinogenic from entering your upper respiratory system and lungs

Here at Brandon Hire Station no matter the tool or the job, health and safety is our top priority. This is why at we have safety packs that are suitable for all of our equipment. All you need to do is request one when you are placing your order via our additional accessories list that appears during the basket process, or if you are unsure about your requirements just ask any of our friendly branch staff at any of our branches located through the UK or contact us for the best protection available. If you have any other concerns or questions about the safety aspect of your hire with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately by clicking the '?ask for help' button to the right of your screen

All of the equipment imagery on this page is interactive. You can click the 'Personal Safety from Brandon Hire Station' to your right which will take you through to our brand new 'Tool Shop' full of our PPE and other tools and equipment. Also when browsing through the dedicated area tabs below you can click the main image and you will be taken through to the specific area of personal protection you are on.